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Our Software development services are targeted for domestic and international audiences that have varied needs and varying budgets. Yet our rates are very competitive.

Customer Software Development

  • Our talented IT personnel at My Computer –India excel at delivering customized software for every business needs.
  • Using our hallmark methodology and technologies for software development, we are capable of producing amazing software with quick turn-around time and within budget.
  • At our company, we have the very best brains in Java, Java EE, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), VB, .NET and PHP passionate and committed to delivering the best software solution.

Outsourced Software Development

  • From commodity to super-specialty outsourced software development, we do it all.
  • Our team has successfully executed projects that have spanned cities, cultures and diversities and delivered consistently.
  • We have collaborated with several companies all over the world and together we have formed winning team that executes projects exceeding our customer's expectations.
  • Our fully-equipped Research and Development facility is constantly looking at today's and tomorrow's technologies to create software that is intelligent and useful at considerably lower costs.

Idea Incubator

  • Idea incubator is our very latest service targeted at smal to medium businesses in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific that have a big idea but dont have the big budget to execute it.

Web Development

  • Our web development services are targetted for domestic and international audiences that have varied needs and varying budgets. Yet our charges are ultra-competitive.

We undertake the following web related initiatives:

  • Simple web site development - Upto a few dozen pages
  • Web based business solutions with dynamic pages using PHP and database like MySQL
  • Massive clustered and distributed application server architecture and implementation with as many as 100,000 concurrent users

Networking and Hardware – Sales and Service

  • Getting ready to computerize your office or business, but not sure where to go?
  • We can be your trusted partner to put the whole thing together and make the effort painless and hassle-free.
  • Equipped with our unique experience in computerizing businesses, we bet we can deliver the solution in the most cost effective manner

Corporate Training and Internships

  • We are not one among the run-of-the-mill training providers, whose knowledge is limited by what is written in the books
  • Our trainers are experienced in the field, architected large systems and organized training for IT companies in India, government agencies and banks in North America on topics such as Java, Enterprise Java (Java EE) and all its related technologies such as JDBC, JavaServer Faces (JSF), EJB and open source technologies such as Tomcat, Struts, Eclipse and Spring framework
  • Our trainers themselves have written books and published in research journals all over the world.
  • We can satisfy training requirements globally
  • Why compromise for anything less, when you can learn from the best?